[amsat-bb] V/U Satellite Operation Issue/Question

Zachary Beougher zack.kd8ksn at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 7 05:43:20 PST 2010


A Ham from Ireland asked me about some issues he was having with his base rig when working the V/U birds.  Since I have have had limited experience using base rigs to work the birds, and I have had no experience with the SSB birds, I thought I would pose his question to some of the more experienced ops here.  Here’s the issue he is having:
  1.. His setup:  TS-790a (full duplex rig) and Tonna F9FT 9/19 Yagi (This was the description of his equipment he gave me). 
  2.. Whenever he goes to transmit on the 2m uplink, the 440 receive frequency “drops out” and all he can hear is QRN.  Once he lets off the PTT, receiving goes back to normal.  He mentioned he did make a contact on a FM V/U bird, and received a 59 report.   
  3.. He has worked the U/V satellites, and everything works fine (he can hear himself on the downlink). 
  4.. He has double-checked all connections.
If you have any idea pertaining to this issue, you can email me here or off list and I will pass it along to him.



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