[amsat-bb] ISS Voice Contacts

Rick Tejera saguaroastro at cox.net
Sat Nov 6 14:53:25 PDT 2010


A little help here. Not quite sure if I'm working at getting NA1SS in the
log from the right angle. 

First a description of my station: I'm using a Kenwood TH7-DA with a home
brew Dual band yagi, mounted on an old telescope mount for tracking. I've
programmed a split frequency into the memory set to receive on 145.800 and
Transmit on 144.490. So far so good. 

Now the TH7-DA is a full duplex unit, but that only is available when
working cross band (If I'm wrong here, some one please clue me in how to get
that to work). Given this I can't hear myself on the downlink, which is kind
of moot anyway since the ISS is essentially a simplex system. During the
passes I've tried to work I hear the ISS responding to Earth stations. I've
tried to transmit in breaks but how do I know if I'm hitting the station or
not? I'm guessing I'm not getting in since I haven't gotten a response. Or
worse, causing QRM to another station? I hope not and if so, apologies.

I'm quite willing to be schooled on this, any suggestions would be most


Clear Skies

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