[amsat-bb] Re: Questions about use of PC104 connector for CubeSat boards

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My  next worry will be the pin configurations. Is there any standard for  
boards ?

Next I would like to know how modules are  controlled by the data bus.
Is it like separate pins for PTT, TX, RX  etc...
Or with more smart communication with lines like: address bus, data  bus, 
Interrupt lines etc. (similar to old ISA PC cards)
Or maybe  with I2C.

Hi William
>From my experience you can get a very good start by downloading the data  
sheet on one of the EPS modules from Clydespace.  Lots of cubesats start by  
using these power systems and there are many products from other suppliers 
based  on this pinout.  The data sheet will tell you which pins are used for 
which  function, but I dont recall seeing a diagram showing the position of 
the  connectors relative to the mounting holes etc.
My effort at a simple cubesat board based on the Clydespace EPS  pinout is 
at: _http://funcube.org.uk/WP3/?page_id=195_ 
As you can see, there are plenty of free pins !!
David. G0MRF -  ( Enjoyed your presentation at Surrey a few  months ago. - 
Thank you)

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