[amsat-bb] Re: Doppler Tuning Convention Question

Bruce kk5do at amsat.org
Mon May 31 19:16:40 PDT 2010

me too. i do only manual tuning and experienced same problem. i also  
prefer to manually move my rotor as crossing the end of rotation  
always has it magically move 360 degrees at the time you either hear  
the best or just went to work someone.


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> Tim,
>     Speak for yourself :-)  In the 20+ years I have been a satellite
> operator, I have never gotten computer doppler control to work right  
> on the
> linear birds.  It works great on FM, but I always wind up fighting  
> it on the
> linear birds.  As soon as I tune the other guy in the computer moves  
> me off
> frequency.  It's so much easier to just listen and adjust on the fly.
>    Maybe there is some secret, but I have yet to be clued in...  If
> someone wants to write a "Dummies Guide" for this I would be willing  
> to be
> your test subject.
> 73,
> Joe kk0sd
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> Alan, John and all,
> There is no question that computer-controlled Doppler tuning makes  
> working
> the linear satellites easier. That being said, I am glad that my  
> lack of a
> computer to dedicate to ham radio forced me to learn and use manual  
> tuning
> by following the one true rule of always tuning the higher frequency.
> These days, I often use SatPC 32 for computer control when I use my  
> two
> FT-817 QRP rigs for the satellites. But last year, right after Field  
> Day,
> the CAT plug on my FT-857D stopped working. Because of the choices  
> I've made
> about my station setup (i.e., a totally portable station that I can  
> set up
> and operate anywhere at any time), I need to use the 857 as a  
> transmit radio
> in order to work the DX into Europe and Africa that I have on AO-7  
> Mode B.
> And without its higher power on 2 meters, I would not have gotten  
> Hawaii
> into the log earlier this year on FO-29 from Adrian, AA5UK/KH6.  
> Since the
> CAT plug died on the 857, I have been manually tuning on every pass  
> during
> which I use that radio.

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