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GE Bill,

Let's talk about VO-52

First, chose which vfo A or B.  It does not matter, but it helps for operating different birds.

For this example, use vfo A.

Locate the Sat switch close to the left center and turn to TX.

Your TX for the bird will be 435 mhz LSB

Now turn your satellite switch to the RX position.

Your RX will be 145 mhz USB.

To tune or find your freq.: I decide what downlink freq I want use like 145.900.  I place the RX in CW, then change to the TX to CW and dit my way til I hear it on 145.900.  Then switch the TX to LSB and my RX to USB.  You should hear your downlink just fine.  Watch your power like 5 watts and tune your TX to your RX freq.  It will move as the bird moves across the sky.  Don't touch the RX please.

I hope this helps.

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perating question: FT-736r and HO-68/VO-52
I have a Yaesu FT-736r and I am wondering the proper way to set a few switches 
or the CW/SSB satellites HO-68 and VO-52.
I can set my transmit and receive in the middle of the uplinks and downlinks for 
hese 2 satellites.
or these 2 satellites (2m-440) (inverting) how do I set the NOR/REV switch? and 
he USB/LSB switches for the 2 frequencies? A general rule for uplink freq and 
ownlink freq (USB/LSB)??
(Trying to get it right - from the beginning...)

hanks, Bill 
  billwest007 (at) yahoo (dot) com

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