[amsat-bb] Re: Alinco DJ-G7

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Sun May 30 14:35:22 PDT 2010

>> I was wondering if someone on the list could tell me whether or  not the 
>> Alinco DJ-G7 handi will now work full duplex ? 

In a message dated 5/30/2010 2:00:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
glasbrenner at mindspring.com writes:
    > Not mine!
Is it not advantageous to be able to hear your own audio during the  pass
and thus be able to determine how well you're getting into the bird?   
quick antenna corrections can lengthen your time on the air ... can it  not?
-- I'm an Arrow antenna guy --
I am quite surprised the DJ-G7 does not have the full duplex capability  (if
that's the case).  
   - - - Guess I'll hold on to my old trusty FT-470 a little  longer.  :-) 
73, Gary  -K8KFJ-
West Virginia
Sat VUCC #125 

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