[amsat-bb] Scheduling APRS client through ISS

Sat May 29 06:26:01 PDT 2010


I came across the post below on a Usenet group.  I am only a very occasional
ISS APRS user, but have noticed several of the regulars here when I do
operate.  My impression is that it is either largely a non-problem, or
better solved through the APRS client.  Can anyone suggest a good answer
which I can cross post?


I want to somehow disable the PTT on my TX from SatPC32 when the satellite 
is below the horizon.  This is  very pertinent to running APRS through ISS. 
At present I have to be stop my APRS program and restart it manually at the 
correct times and I keep missing passes.  I suspect I would need to use DDE 
to link to some sort of port control program or maybe via rotor control but 
am not experienced in using DDE.

Is there any SatPC32 guru who can make some suggestions?

Thanks from Dick G4BBH 

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