[amsat-bb] Space Shuttle Retirement -Special Event Stations

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Fri May 28 00:41:16 PDT 2010

Hi all,
With what looks like the possible final flight for the  Space Shuttle 
"Atlantis" and just two more launches for
the others in the fleet,  I had the following thought in mind.
Has anyone considered  "Special Event " stations with  appropriate call 
signs being set up to operate
on the amateur bands for both satellites and HF as a tribute.
The "Space Program "  together with MIR, ISS and the roles played by  the 
Shuttle have inspired both young
and old worldwide.  Together  with amateur radio they have been  the key 
player and forefront in education
science etc and a thrill to many of the younger generation via our  hobby.
I thought that it might be appropriate, if world wide,  " Special  Event 
Stations" could be set up at an appropriate time to commemorate  the 
It could also serve and pay tribute to the astronauts, cosmonauts and  the 
many key players and teams
whom have been dedicated to these space projects that now mean so much  to 
Sadly of course many will now bowing out with dignity as their service will 
 no longer be required.
The " Special Events " could also further benefit our hobby of amateur  
radio - and of course satellite projects 
through public awareness and maybe  raising donations  or support.
Any thoughts?
Ken Eaton
Amsat - UK 
Amsat  NA

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