[amsat-bb] DN81-82 update

Rodney Waln kc0zhf at yahoo.com
Wed May 26 16:48:47 PDT 2010

hi all, well it was a weired trip with wind, rain and yes tornado's
i operated 2 passes on AO-51 from DN81-82 grid boundary on US385
south of Alliance Nebraska there is lots of room to operate from on both sides of the road 
a word of caution,
it is across form an active railroad and BNSF security will be watching
and asking if you are ok, but are nice and accommodating just stay on the west side of the highway and you will be ok.
also not that the south dakota grids did not work out and will be tried later,
thanks to those that worked me and hope i did not mess up any other people that were giving out grids, if you worked me send e-mail,or hard card with the info of contact
some use eqsl and that is ok to,
back in dn71 



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