[amsat-bb] PL tone on FO-29 ?

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> Frank,
> We were forwarded, via the AMSAT-BB, from Mineo the FO-29 telemetry that
> you captured and anylyzed.  As an observer and avid user of FO-29 I
> found it very informative.  If the solar array output continues to
> deteriorate perhaps the control operators might consider a PL tone to
> open the transmitter to conserve the battery when not in use, which is
> what they are doing with AO-51.
> 73's
> PeteWB2OQQ
Hi Pete, WB2OQQ

I don't think it is possible to consider a PL tone on FO-29 to open the
transmitter to conserve the battery when not in use because actually
FO-29 is operating only:

Voice/CW (Mode JA)
Uplink:   145.90 to 146.00 MHz CW/LSB
Downlink: 435.80 to 435.90 MHz CW/USB
Beacon:   435.795 MHz

and the

Digital Mode JD
Uplinks:  145.850 MHz FM
                 145.870 MHz FM
                 145.910 MHz FM
Downlink: 435.910 MHz 1200-baud BPSK or 9600-baud FSK
Callsign: 8J1JCS
Digitalker: 435.910 MHz

is out of service from many years now.In addition I don't think
FO-29 in Mode JD has been designed to operate FM Voice with
a PL tone.

How can you actually open a PL tone in ( Mode JA ) using an SSB
transmitter ?

In my opinion it is best to use a minimum EIRP power on FO-29
to conserve the battery because actually FO-29 along with HO-68
and OSCAR-7  is the best available satellite for linear CW and SSB

On FO-29 SSB I worked N2UN in New York from my JN70ES and
it was a real thrill to contact Tony with his portable station on a
promenade next to the East River.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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