[amsat-bb] Re: new to sats

Jimmy c kc9pxz at centurytel.net
Thu May 20 17:06:31 PDT 2010

Hi all
 Thanks for all the rplys and links to vids pDFs and how to and genral 
advise.  right now what i have to use is
a ICom ic 28 HT 2 meter
a HTX 202
a hand held VHF/UHF scanner for listen to the downlinks
a dimound 510 on my tower & and a tri band whip aswell as a home brew 3 
element yagi. I working on getting a yagi from a friens his not use 4 
a old camera tri pod to mount wicth wver yagi I use.

right now im using gsat for tracking, but that will change Im trying to find 
tracking software I like.

SO im thinking out of that list I cam make somthing work to get my fet wet.

I been listening For FO-29 VO-52 AO-51 Ao 27 and ISS. they all made passes 
in the last few hrs. I dodnt hear amything but i guess that happens I was 
hoping to hear at least FO-29s CW beacon but i didnt. well it keep fidh 
though my gear and see what i got around the shack to make thinks easyer to 
listen, hear and make contact.
this questoin may be off topic if so Im Sorry. Im disabled I found out about 
handihams, does anybody know if hamdaham has like a sat branch? just 

JImmy c
Norwalk WI 

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