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Subject: [amsat-bb] Any update on P3E?

I am wondering if there is any update to the status of P3E?

I have not seen any mention of it for a long time and wondering if it is
built and ready to launch or has the project been put on "hold" because of
launch expenses?

Any update would be appreciated!

73 Peter

Hi Peter, KD0AA

As far I know there are no new information from AMSAT-DL about
P3E but it becomes desperate to get a launch opportunity nowadays.

There are a some hopes of DLR (German Aerospace Center) funding
via the P5A project but as far I know there are no advances at this

Let us hope we can get another P3 satellite in our life time.

In my opinion most of the satellite builders in AMSAT-DL became
older and they do not see the younger generation stepping into the
footsteps of the older satellite builders.

It seems that the younger generation all want quick results instead
of a big project like P3E

The above statement is only my personal opinion but after the death
of OSCAR-10, OSCAR-13 and AO40 all my antennas and equipments
for HEO satellites becomes rusty under the roof and this is a reality
as you can see at i8CVS in QRZ.com 

When OSCAR-10 was alive and well I abandoned the HF switching 
to a promising satellite activity and I losted all my HF friends all around
the world.

When AO40 died I losted again all my satellite friends around the world
and actually let me hope I can get another P3 satellite in my life time and
start again.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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