[amsat-bb] Fw: Re: New FO-29 Solar Array Current Graph

Peter Portanova roic at optonline.net
Thu May 20 05:21:14 PDT 2010


We were forwarded, via the AMSAT-BB, from Mineo the FO-29 telemetry that you 
captured and anylyzed.  As an observer and avid user of FO-29 I found it 
very informative.  If the solar array output continues to deteriorate 
perhaps the control operators might consider a PL tone to open the 
transmitter to conserve the battery when not in use, which is what they are 
doing with AO-51.   I agree with you Frank that FO-29 is a wonderful high 
orbit LEO however I must disagree with your statement
"AMSAT seems only interested in FM single channel repeater type  satellites 
which are very boring  to me."Amsat is just as interested as we are in 
launching a HEO Satellite, it is the financing of such a project in this new 
global economy that is holding the launch back, thank you.73's 

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