[amsat-bb] Re: Latest version SatPC32

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Tue May 18 11:20:53 PDT 2010

If you have "Voice announce" enabled in Setup > Options, just before AOS, it will say "Satellite A O fifty one rising" (or whatever satellite happens to be coming over the horizon...).  Under Setup there is also a Speech Setup option to let you select from several voices, and adjust the speed, volume, and pitch of the announcements.

George, KA3HSW

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> Yesterday I downloaded and installed the latest version of Erich's 
> program on a newer PC, XP.

I've been using an older version of his 
> excellent program for as many 
years as it has been in existence.

> made a couple of contacts on the latest version today, and was 
> when an "audible" rang out!!

I'm sure I can find an explanation in his 
> outstanding documentation, 
but can someone tell me what it is saying?  
> My 88 year old ears 
couldn't decipher it as I have to crank up the gain to 
> hear my contact...

> Dave, WB6LLO
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