[amsat-bb] Re: 9100

Michael Tondee mat_62 at netcommander.com
Sun May 16 14:46:27 PDT 2010

I guess "about as much" is relative. Right now, based on sale prices, 
there is right at $300 difference in the Flex V/U module and a TS-2000. 
I don';t know about you but $300 is a decent chunk of change to me. 
Besides that, we are comparing apples to oranges. The V/U module with 
take advantage of all of the advantages that the Flex has over the 
TS-2000 to start with. Not only will it be satellite capable, it will 
also make the Flex 5000 a hot contender for other VHF/UHF weak signal 
work. I've owned a TS-2000X before and while I thought it was a fine all 
around general purpose rig, I never disillusioned myself into thinking 
that it was anything more. From everything I've seen of the Flex it is 
much more and will continue to evolve into much more given time.
  I've owned my Flex 5000A a little over a month and I don't want any 
other radio, satellite or otherwise cluttering up my operating desk. It 
might take me awhile to afford to put the V/U module in my rig and I may 
have lots more money in things than any other rig I've owned when I do 
but IMO it will be worth it.
Michael, W4HIJ
On 5/16/2010 2:59 PM, Sebastian wrote:
> I sold my IC-910H recently, as I had thoughts about going with the 
> 9100.  But at that price, I can't justify it.
> I agree that the Flex 5000 is probably a much better radio (since we 
> don't yet know all the technical details on the 9100).  However the 
> cost of the V/U module for the Flex is about as much as you would pay 
> for a brand new TS-2000.  Sure the Flex offers more, but let's face 
> it, with the current birds in orbit, it's overkill for the average ham 
> who makes occasional satellite contacts.
> Perhaps others such as DEMI, will see this as an opportunity and come 
> up with alternatives?
> 73 de W4AS
> On May 15, 2010, at 9:43 PM, Michael Tondee wrote:
>> I guess once I put the upcoming V/U module in my Flex 5000 I'll have
>> that amount of money in it but I won't have had to spend it all at once
>> and IMHO I'll have a markedly better radio. Also one that isn't outdated
>> a day after I walk out of the store with it.
>>   I'm just not a big fan of Icom's anyway so I guess I'm pretty biased.
>> 73,
>> Michael, W4HIJ
>> On 5/15/2010 7:22 PM, Mik Forsythe wrote:
>>> Just left Dayton a few hours ago.  Icom said that it is basically a 
>>> 7600 and a 910.  It is bigger than the 910.  It was in a display 
>>> case so I can't tell you what the feel was like of the weight.  
>>> Price is in the $4,000.00 range so that will kill a lot of the 
>>> satellite market if you ask me.

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