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Lee Ernstrom iamsavedbygrace at q.com
Tue May 11 21:00:12 PDT 2010

I'm not sure where I am staying.  My daughter is a flight attendant for
US Air and my decision to go to Maui has been a last minute one from her
invitation just a few hours ago.  On Wednesday morning EARLY I will be
flying from SLC to PHX where I will join my daughter and we will fly
directly to Maui.  For her it is a working trip, and for me, a chance to
just get away from reality and possibly play satelites.  The radio and
antenna are packed up and ready to go.  When I get a chance I will check
the passes and hopefully be able to post them here.  I still have some
last minute prep to do.  I sure wish AO-51 was available for V/U while I
am there :(
Lee Ernstrom

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What part of the island are you staying on? Reason I ask there is a big
Volcano that will block the lower passed if you are on the Southern part
of the island. If you are towards Lahaina and Kaanapali you will have a
better chance to work the satellites.

I was on Mauai a few years ago and did not operate back then. I just
came back from Kaui and Oahu from a satellite DXPedition back in early
April and I had a great view to horizon. I worked mostly the SSB
satellites and was able to talk as far as Japan, Russia, Mexico, USA (as
far East as Athens GA).  FM satellites will have small footprints and
the passes will be short. 

AO51 will not be available unless you can work mode V/S:
May 10 - May 16 

FM Repeater, V/S (See or Work Us at Dayton!)
Uplink: 145.880 MHz FM 
Downlink: 2401.200 MHz FM 
67 Hz PL Tone Required 

AO27 will be a short pass, as well as SO50. I managed to work HO68 but
it is not always on over HI. I managed to ask to have it turned on over
HI during my trip.

Check your location and look, print out the passes and then look at an
elevation map. Unless you are on top of the Volcano or towards the North
Side you may be limited in your passes.

I just wanted to pass that along.   Have a great time in Mauai, a really
fun island!

73, Adrian AA5UK


From: Lee Ernstrom <iamsavedbygrace at q.com>
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Maui on FM sats

Hi everyone,

I will be in Maui on Wednesday and Thursday and will have my arrow
antenna and handheld.  I haven't checked the sats yet to see when the
passes are.  Any suggestions?

Lee Ernstrom
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