[amsat-bb] WD9EWK @ DM32/DM42 today, 2330-0240 UTC

Patrick STODDARD (WD9EWK/VA7EWK) amsat-bb at wd9ewk.net
Sat May 8 09:16:19 PDT 2010


Since I didn't send anything out yet regarding my trip last 
weekend to southeastern Arizona for a hamfest and my stop at 
DM52/DM53 (along with a very quick stop at DM51/DM52), thanks 
to all who showed up during those passes.  I know DM53 is 
particularly rare on the birds, and a change in work schedules 
let me take last Friday (30 April) off for the drive to that 
boundary.  The hamfest in Sierra Vista AZ was a good event, and 
thanks to all who worked WD9EWK on the 4 passes using 4 
different satellites from the hamfest site.  QSL cards for last
weekend's activities went to the post office a few days ago, 
and should be showing up in mailboxes shortly.  

There is a window of approximately 3 hours later this afternoon
where I can work AO-51, SO-50, FO-29, and AO-7 with relatively
short gaps between all of those passes.  My plan is to go south
of Phoenix to the DM32/DM42 grid boundary and work passes on 
those 4 satellites starting with AO-51 at 2330 UTC and possibly 
stay out there through the last AO-7 pass that has LOS around 
0240 UTC.  I go out there periodically, and a couple of operators 
have recently asked me when I would make another trip to DM32.  
The northeast corner of DM32 is less than an hour's drive from 
Phoenix, so I decided to make the quick trip this afternoon.

Anyone working WD9EWK from the DM32/DM42 grid boundary who would
like a QSL only needs to drop me an e-mail.  If you're in the log,
I will get you a card.  If I've never worked you before, I would
appreciate receiving your QSL card for the QSO, as this location 
is within the area that I can use toward a satellite VUCC 
application - if I ever get around to filling out the paperwork 
and sorting the cards.  :-)  



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