[amsat-bb] L and S-band Options

Guy Brauning guyjeanbraun at comcast.net
Sat May 8 09:09:26 PDT 2010

Thanks for reading this message.  I know there has been a lot of information
on the BB over the past couple of years about operating L and S band on
AO-51; however, I was focused on V/U at the time and I didn't make notes of
the information.  Now I would like to experiment with these two bands and I
am looking for some recommendations to get started.  Is the Alinco DJ-G7T a
viable option for receiving the AO-51 L-band downlink (Pricey at $320.00 but
it does cover 3 satellite bands with advertised full-duplex capability)?  If
not (and ruling out the more expensive (and effectively non-portable)
transceivers.. TS-2000 / IC-910H, etc.), what would be the least expensive
way to have receive capability on 1.2 Ghz... a down-converter perhaps?  (I
currently have a Yaesu FT-60R dual band HT and a Yaesu FT-817D along with
the Arrow and ELK antennas for V/U)  Also, what are some options for
homebrew 1.2 Ghz antennas (I do not have sophisticated test equipment and my
"Skills" are minimal)?  On to 2.4 Ghz.... what are some options for
inexpensive 2.4 Ghz down-converters (As a reference..I do not consider the
SSB UEK-3000 inexpensive at $500.00) and homebrew antennas?  I would like to
be able to experiment with handheld / portable gear in the yard to gain some
experience with these two bands.


Guy Brauning


guyjeanbraun at comcast.net

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