[amsat-bb] SO-67 Back Next week?

John Meeks jmeek at gaslightmedia.com
Fri May 7 10:57:04 PDT 2010

 From Jan-Albert Koekemoer via sumbandila.googlegroups.com :

"We've indeed have a long "radio silence" now.  Some good news is that we're
reprogramming the command transceiver on the satellite used by the SA-AMSAT
payload (CTR-VU2) tonight.  This will hopefully sidestep the issue we've had
with the cut-off at the PTT tail.  The idea is to keep the PTT active 
for the
15 minute duration that the SA-AMSAT payload will be active at a time, i.e.
uncouple the PTT functionality from the rest of the SA-AMSAT payload

We will then make sure it works as expected (hopefully first half of next
week) and if all goes well, aim to have the payload fully operational and in
service again by the end of the week."



SA AMSAT announced that SumbandilaSat will soon be back in the Amateur 
Radio Mode. Currently Sunspace   will re-program CR2 with a fix for the 
SA AMSAT PTT problem . This is expected to be completed by mid May.

Programming of the Amateur Radio Payload will in future be carried out 
by the CSIR Satellite Application Centre at Hartebeeshoek. SA AMSAT will 
work with SAC to coordinate operational requests. More details on how to 
request operation will be announced in the next two weeks and published 
on www.amsatsa.org.za <http://www.amsatsa.org.za>.

We will not be using googlegroups."

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