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On 5 May 2010 at 13:29, Bruce Robertson wrote:

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> I might have missed something, Thomas, but I believe Luc recommended a
> 'slightly elliptical orbit', not necessarily a HEO one. Do these need
> to be the same thing? An elliptical MEO would allow for periods of
> more challenging operation with better opportunities for DX
> alternating with periods of lower pass loss, but smaller footprint.
> This might well be something that AMSAT-India could come to ISRO to
> ask for.
> Of course, none of this takes away from the excellent work of AMSAT-DL
> on P3E, which we all eagerly support.
> 73, Bruce

Exactly Bruce

The 4 key words are: With a little more "push" and 'slightly elliptical orbit'

This will not replace in anyway an HEO the ultimate goal but in the mean time a MEO will give us some releif of our dull environment.

P.S. Dull in the sense of the same usual earth path!


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