[amsat-bb] Re: S Band interference was RE: Re: Field Day mode for AO-51

George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Wed May 5 20:51:52 PDT 2010

I'm in the Chicago suburbs, and can see at least a dozen wi-fi access points 
in my neighborhood with NetStumbler, yet I have worked AO-51 in mode V/S 
with a K5GNA downconverter with corner reflector, hand-held inside the 
house.   With the barbecue grill antenna, I can use an in-line 6 dB 
attenuator AND the receiver's attenuator, and still have armchair copy.....

George, KA3HSW

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Subject: [amsat-bb] S Band interference was RE: Re: Field Day mode for AO-51

> Joe,
> My neighbors have several "wireless" devices that operate close
> enough to our frequencies to raise my noise level or produce a series of
> clicks and other noises.  The worst offenders are a wireless network and a
> cordless phone.  During the AO-40 era I bought a cordless phone from a
> neighbor that was very troublesome.  I have since moved to a country
> location, and find it interesting that I can tell what direction town is 
> by
> moving my antenna (pointed at the horizon) and listening to the noise 
> level
> on mode S.
> 73,
> Joe kk0sd
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> Hi Joe
> Your comment about Mode S interference interests me
> I have not been on since AO-40
> In those days there was no interference on mode S.
> Unless it was another Ham.
> Would you kindly explain?
> Thanks
> Joe K0VTY

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