[amsat-bb] Please help - ideas?

Michae J. Wolthuis wolthui3 at msu.edu
Wed May 5 16:36:16 PDT 2010

I have an ongoing problem with my Elevation rotor of my g-5500 setup.  It
has been in to Yaesu who said it was fine.  The controller was not sent in
only the actual EL hardware because when I first got it this occurred right
away when I installed my new site and the AZ rotor seemed to work fine on
either the AZ or the EL terminals, so Yaesu determined it must be the EL
itself, it appears maybe not.


The problem is that sometimes hitting the up button or the down button
results in no change.  It acts as though it is stuck.  Now some observations
maybe to help.


1)      It didn't happen in the cold all winter

2)      Sometimes it can be fixed by hitting the opposite direction of what
I am trying to move and then quickly flipping to the other direction

3)      If I wait sometimes 10-15mins it will then work perfectly

4)      Once it has been moved it seems to easily continue moving

5)      Problem usually occurs at low and high angles but not in between

6)      Sometimes if I throw the power switch off and on then it will start

7)      I have confirmed things are well balanced


Does anyone have any recommendations?  This is very frustrating when an
AO-51 80deg pass comes over and the antennas are stock at 3deg.  The AZ
works every time perfectly.  Now that it is warmer this is getting to be a
greater and great issue and happening nearly every few passes I try to work.


Please note the ham shack does not have the AC on yet and sits around 75degs
currently during the peak of the day..


Thanks to all for suggestions and ideas, this is really beyond frustrating.
I know this may be a repeat post also, but when it started working in the
colder winter months I thought it was fixed and deleted any suggestions
previously sent.






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