[amsat-bb] Wilderness Field-day sites

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed May 5 14:12:15 PDT 2010

> normally get less QRM as most of the sites are 
> outside cities and WI-FI interference is much 
> more low in country location.


I always thought that Field Day was a day to get out and show
our stuff.  Hiding it in the wilderness far from any passing
humans is one way to make sure we die in annonymity.  Our big
and very active club has FD on our own club site, which is a
fantastic place... Yet the only people that see it are us and a
few friends or special invitees.

Now, of course, I would not at all want to detract from all the
fun of field day at the clubs local site, but on the other hand,
a few of us make a big effort to hold a FD presence right in the
middle of the town square, or Mall, or where ever we can be the
most visible as possible.  We strive for 10,000 people to see us
and a score of maybe 10 instead of 10,000 FD points with a
reach-out to only 10.

Just a thought.  And I am not suggesting it should apply to all
FD sites. FD is too much fun to be put in other people's boxes,
but just something to consider in the big scheme of things.


Bob, Wb4APR

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