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James Duffey jamesduffey at comcast.net
Sun May 2 19:51:10 PDT 2010

On May 2, 2010, at 7:38 PM, Edward R Cole wrote:

> But in my opinion K3 (dual Rx) + DEMI is far above the TS2000x for 
> near the same money.
While I understand the K3 performance being above the TS-2000X, I don't understand the "near the same money" comment?

A K3/10, with sub receiver, K144XVK for 2 meters, KRX3 subreceiver, KXVA3A transverter interface, preamp for 6M, a DEM 432/28 transverter (or Elecraft $32 Transverter), a DEM 144/1296 transverter,  will run you $3400 or more. It is hard to get an exact number as the DEM transverters are not currently available. Throw in a 100 W 2M linear and you are close to $3700. A TS2000X with the same capabilities is $1850, nearly half. The TS-2000X has full duplex capability for satellites now. The K3 full duplex capability is not available now and it is not clear to me that Elecraft is working on it, particularly as they have openly stated that it is hard to do in a single box. I hope they do succeed in this, and when they do, I shall purchase one. 

Now, granted the performance of the K3 is better than the TS-2000, particularly in strong signal handling capability and the DSP performance, but the price differential is a lot greater than you imply. And the K3, even outfitted with 432 and 1296 transverters will not do full duplex satellites out of the box. 

I am not an Elecraft basher, I have a K1, K2, and XV222, and am reasonably happy with them, but the capability of working satellites with the K3 is a ways down the road and the cost will be roughly twice the TS-2000X.

I bought a TS-2000X primarily for my VHF roving activities and satellite work. It is nice to have all the capabilities in one box and I was aware of the shortcomings going in and they are not overwhelming in roving. I considered a K3 and associated transverters, but it is, as they used to say, not quite ready for prime time as far as satellites go. And the 100W on 2M vs the 10W on 2M for the K3 is a real deal swinger when it comes to roving. - Duffey    

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