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  Ok Here's the reason for the apparent open winding in the AZ rotator motor.
  The burned trace is severed, thus the open readings seen between Azimuth 6 and 4.
  I'm pretty sure there were no snags or obstructions that could have stopped rotation while powered.
  I'm really lucky though, the fuse in the control box is undamaged ;-)

  Thanks to Dom i8cvs for all the troubleshooting tips below. I will try my hand at rebuilding this motor and use these tips to verify the work.

  Thanks as always for the great information.

  John Meeks 

  Hi John, KC8ZFN

  Now you have to find out why the trace over the PCB was severed burned out. The fuse F-1 in the control box is undamaged because it is a 2 A delayed type at 220 volt.

  If you got a net short circuit as seen by the 24 volt AC secondary winding of the power transformer T-1 probably the current preferred to burn out the trace instead of the fuse.

  Check if the  value of the ohmic resistance of both motor winding are the same value and check also if the electrolitic AC capacitor C 34 is shorted out or not.

  Have fun

  73" de

  i8CVS Domenico 

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