[amsat-bb] Re: FT847 vs TS-2000

Edward R Cole kl7uw at acsalaska.net
Sun May 2 18:38:20 PDT 2010

At 03:49 PM 5/2/2010, John wrote:
>I have owned the FT-847 for five years and tried the TS2000 extensively.
>Both are excellent rigs. The only downside I see with the TS2000 is the
>birdie. However, it has a more sensitive and quieter receiver, has an
>antenna tuner and dual receive. On the other hand, the FT847 is probably the
>most used and reliable sat radio, from my observations working other people
>on the sats. Probably because it came out first and can be bought a little
>cheaper, now. If I was starting over and had to choose, it would be REALLY
>tough to choose between them. I probably would go with the TS2000 because it
>is a little more refined, quieter, and has a few more features.  But the
>FT847 is solid, I love the rig, and you would have to pry it out of my cold
>dead hands. You can't go wrong either way.  The FT847 is great IF you get a
>newer one in really good condition. Some of the early runs had some
>problems. The TS2000 wins on bells and whistles. Man.I'm no help at all!
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Just to stir the mud a little:  I decided to keep my FT-847 for 
satellite operation and casual FM/SSB.  Instead of the TS2000x I 
bought a Elecraft K3/10 (10w version) and am  adding the new design 
DEMI 28/144 xvtr (ordered to arrive in June).  Eventually sw will be 
developed for the K3 for doing cross-band full-duplex and then I 
might part with the grand ole FT-847 (circa 1998).  I will have to 
add a DEMI 28/432 xvtr for that.

But in my opinion K3 (dual Rx) + DEMI is far above the TS2000x for 
near the same money.

73, Ed - KL7UW, WD2XSH/45
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