[amsat-bb] FT847 vs TS-2000

John jcrowell at centramedia.net
Sun May 2 16:49:06 PDT 2010

I have owned the FT-847 for five years and tried the TS2000 extensively.
Both are excellent rigs. The only downside I see with the TS2000 is the
birdie. However, it has a more sensitive and quieter receiver, has an
antenna tuner and dual receive. On the other hand, the FT847 is probably the
most used and reliable sat radio, from my observations working other people
on the sats. Probably because it came out first and can be bought a little
cheaper, now. If I was starting over and had to choose, it would be REALLY
tough to choose between them. I probably would go with the TS2000 because it
is a little more refined, quieter, and has a few more features.  But the
FT847 is solid, I love the rig, and you would have to pry it out of my cold
dead hands. You can't go wrong either way.  The FT847 is great IF you get a
newer one in really good condition. Some of the early runs had some
problems. The TS2000 wins on bells and whistles. Man.I'm no help at all!

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