[amsat-bb] Re: Hardware or software problems?

Larry Gerhardstein W7IN at montana.com
Sat May 1 17:01:00 PDT 2010

Franklin, Thanks for the advice.  I also checked their web page.  So far 
as I can tell they DO NOT have a Windows 7 driver for the KeySpan.  Yes, 
awful.  I'll call them on Monday when they're open again.  If they can 
not offer up a driver for W-seven, I'm going to give them heck and then 
ask them to take the KeySpan back.

I'll then get a 2 port PCI to serial interface for the Inspiron.  I can 
get one for about $20.


73, Larry W7IN

On 5/1/2010 5:40 PM, Franklin Antonio wrote:
> At 06:58 PM 4/30/2010, Larry Gerhardstein wrote:
>> I have a Keyspan 4-port USB to RS232 box with optical isolators from
>> CommFront
> It seems most likely that you have defective driver software for the
> USB device.  That's the most likely cause of this sort of a crash.
> I suggest you go to Keyspan's web site and attempt to find the very
> latest driver.  Their web site has a "support" tab with a "downloads"
> submenu, and finally a "software/drivers" page.  Install the latest
> driver and try again.
> One hangup.  I just checked their website, and it appears that they
> have NO drivers listed for windows 7.  Perhaps you should call their
> support folks and ask about this.  If they've never tested with Win7,
> or have known problems, then you may need to give 'em hell.  If you
> can't get a driver they've specifically tested with Win7, then they
> are officially weenies.  At that point you should at least try the
> very latest Vista driver.
> If that doesn't help, buy a different brand.  To have the best chance
> of something that works right, buy the brand which you believe sells
> in the very highest volume.
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