[amsat-bb] Re: Hardware or software problems?

Franklin Antonio antonio at qualcomm.com
Sat May 1 16:40:40 PDT 2010

At 06:58 PM 4/30/2010, Larry Gerhardstein wrote:
>I have a Keyspan 4-port USB to RS232 box with optical isolators from 

It seems most likely that you have defective driver software for the 
USB device.  That's the most likely cause of this sort of a crash.

I suggest you go to Keyspan's web site and attempt to find the very 
latest driver.  Their web site has a "support" tab with a "downloads" 
submenu, and finally a "software/drivers" page.  Install the latest 
driver and try again.

One hangup.  I just checked their website, and it appears that they 
have NO drivers listed for windows 7.  Perhaps you should call their 
support folks and ask about this.  If they've never tested with Win7, 
or have known problems, then you may need to give 'em hell.  If you 
can't get a driver they've specifically tested with Win7, then they 
are officially weenies.  At that point you should at least try the 
very latest Vista driver.

If that doesn't help, buy a different brand.  To have the best chance 
of something that works right, buy the brand which you believe sells 
in the very highest volume.   

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