[amsat-bb] Re: Hardware or software problems?

Larry Gerhardstein W7IN at montana.com
Sat May 1 11:06:58 PDT 2010

Here is the crash screen essential info...

STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x0000000000000068, 0x0000000000000002, 
0x0000000000000001, 0xFFFFF88004FC2EF1)
Address: FFFFF88004FCEF1 base at FFFFF88004FC2000, Datestamp 45cc305b

Clearly, this crash occurred inside the KeySpan USA-49WG device driver.  
The downloaded driver is for Vista, not Win7.  This may be the problem.  
I will call Tripp-Lite on Monday when they are open.  I also will 
purchase the 2 serial port PCI interface ($20) that I found on the 
Internet.  It is plug-n-play and utilizes only one IRQ slot.  We'll give 
that a go and see what happens.

If anyone knows of a Win7 driver for the KeySpan adapters, please let me 
know where to find them.

I have read via google that drivers for Vista may or may not work well 
in Win7.  Symptoms are computer locking up, computer crashing, device 
malfunction, incorrect data being sent or received, and others.  I've 
seen both crash and data malfunction.

Someone suggested I go back to XP; thanks for the advice.  If I still 
had an XP computer, I'd gladly try it.  But both of my XP boxes died 
last winter and I replaced both of them with Win7 computers.  Unless 
someone donates a working XP box to me, I'm sticking with Win7.

Manual control of the two rotors and the Doppler is out of the 
question.  I tried it and managed one contact, I forget which bird.  But 
then the bird's AZ/EL shifted and I never found it again.


73, Larry W7IN -- DN27 -- Plains, Montana

On 5/1/2010 4:39 AM, Larry Gerhardstein wrote:
> Thanks to all who have answered both on and off the list.  I have had my
> sat station working on a prior computer, an XP laptop, not with the
> KeySpan but with one serial adapter cable plus the "real serial
> interface" in that computer.  I've not tried those on the Win7's.  I no
> longer have the XP's; they both died this past winter.
> Interfaces are the GS232 from Yaesu, and the CT-17 level converter from
> ...
> I may try the "real serial interface" approach--a good idea.  Though I
> live in a small town, there is a computer geek who lives nearby me.  I
> have at least one salvaged serial port interface from a previous
> computer.  I have another junked computer that possibly has one in it
> also.  I'll check that out.
> I will get the additional information from the crash screen and display
> here.
> 73, Larry

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