[amsat-bb] Re: Hardware or software problems?

Vince Fiscus, KB7ADL vlfiscus at mcn.net
Sat May 1 09:47:31 PDT 2010

At 04:39 AM 5/1/2010 -0600, gerhardstein at montana.com wrote:
>Thanks to all who have answered both on and off the list.  I have had my
>sat station working on a prior computer, an XP laptop, not with the
>KeySpan but with one serial adapter cable plus the "real serial
>interface" in that computer.  I've not tried those on the Win7's.  I no
>longer have the XP's; they both died this past winter.
>Interfaces are the GS232 from Yaesu, and the CT-17 level converter from
>Though I have a lot of stuff on USB, 4 ports out of 6 total, I have
>tested with only the KeySpan attached.
>I will try the alternate programs suggested off-list.
>I may try the "real serial interface" approach--a good idea.  Though I
>live in a small town, there is a computer geek who lives nearby me.  I
>have at least one salvaged serial port interface from a previous
>computer.  I have another junked computer that possibly has one in it
>also.  I'll check that out.
>I will get the additional information from the crash screen and display
>73, Larry

Sorry I can't help Larry. I'm just replying to say it will be nice to have 
another station in Montana on the satellites.

I use InstantTrack on an old Win95 computer with a 1.2GB HD.  IT aims the 
antennas but I do everything else manual. Maybe sometime down the road I'll 
do rig control but I'd have to build an interface.  The rig isn't  plugNplay.


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