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Those of us who bought it early on, including me, were very disappointed in
its satellite performance, and in some cases general quality.  At least two
people I know had theirs brick for things like battery or transmitter
failure.   Upgrading the firmware did result in some significant
improvements, but  it never was more than marginally useful according to
most.  If you look back in the archives, there were some quantitative
reports using lab equipment which compared it with the standards such as the
D-7.  The performance issues were clear, even on the bench.  I finally sold
mine to someone locally who is very pleased with it for terrestrial use.
Even with the latest firmware, is was demonstrably less sensitive than other
rigs with identical specs, and with poor full duplex performance.  My own
experience, and some of the regular satellite rovers, was negative.

That having been said, I had seen a few reports from people who were VERY
pleased.  That may be based on different levels of expectation, or the
traditional process where manufacturers make running changes in production
to address problems.  Also, the iffy quality control may be a factor.  I see
that Alinco has changed their US distributor, which may or may not be
relevant, and the rig has been on sale recently.

My suggestion is to see if you get any reports from people with recent


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It's been a while now since I've heard any discussion about this Alinco HT
since its debut just over a year ago.  The first reviews were fairly
negative, with most comments pointing towards immature firmware.  I know
that Alinco has sent out a number of updates of this HT's operating system
since then, but I don't know how important or effective these improvements

A ham friend of mine bought one about six months ago, and tells me he is
very pleased with his, enjoying some 1.2 Gig SF Bay Area repeater systems.
 He has never used the satellites, though, (yep, it's a pity!) so could
not tell me anything about how well this HT accomplishes full-duplex FM
sat operation.

So, my question to those of you that own this HT and have kept up with the
updates:  Is this product worth another look?  Has it matured
sufficiently?  I'm probably most interested in how well it performs in
full-duplex mode for FM satellites, hence my reason for posting this
question here.

So what say ye, DJ-G7T owners?  Worth it, or not?  Is the full-duplex
sensitivity and functionality good, or do you have to accept some
degradation or other compromises?

73 es tnx in advance,

Dave - K7DAA

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