[amsat-bb] Re: Pass prediction algorithm

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jun 29 11:25:44 PDT 2010

> sending %HIGH to the TM-D710 is just spelling each letter :o/

There is a list of codes somewhere.  To speak one of the pre-set
words, you just include the text %XX where XX is a two byte HEX
value of the word you want spoken.  I guess you could just try
all 256 codes and write down the words spoken?  Should be the
same voice chip as in the D700.


> And if it is like the original APRSdata.EXE, [the
> elevation of the satellite object is]... encoded 
> with a leading % sign so that the D700 radio with 
> a voice chip will actually SPEAK [the elevation]
> "HIGH" and "LOW" so you never even have to
> look at the radio.

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