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George Henry ka3hsw at att.net
Mon Jun 28 19:32:47 PDT 2010

We managed 21 contacts in all...  one on each FM bird and the remainder on 
the linear sats.  And all in spite of several visits from Mr. Murphy and his 
extended family:

We ran N3FJP network logging for the first time, with MS NetMeeting as a 
chat client, and either one of them was conflicting with SatPC32, or my poor 
old Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop was just not up to the task.  Every so often 
when I changed satellites, or changed CAT selections for a given satellite, 
SatPC32 would throw an access violation error.  Seemed to keep working okay, 
though.  Then I had an issue where the radio kept coming up in "Normal" 
tracking mode, even when it should have be in "Reverse" tracking mode, 
followed by 3 "serious error" blue screen reboots.  My rotor has a bad spot 
on the azimuth position pot, so every once in a while, it would go zooming 
off target and I'd have to go manual;  the mic boom broke off my headphones, 
and of course, it wouldn't be Field Day in Chicagoland without severe 
thunderstorms rolling thru at some point (Sunday morning - took us off the 
air for about an hour and a half).

I was very impressed at how well AO-7 held up under the abuse she was 
subjected to.  There were a couple of stations that had the poor old girl 
FM'ing so bad you couldn't even understand them, and one CW station that 
chirped so bad I swear they were keying an FM rig on the uplink!  AO-51 V/S 
was a treat, and some observers couldn't believe how strong the downlink was 
with just a corner reflector on the K5GNA downconverter.  Nice to have SO-67 
back, too!

George, KA3HSW
(Satellite op for W9CCU, 5A, IL)

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> Field day was quite amazing down here in Houston too. I was one of the
> operators for K5HOU. I had never heard SO-50 with so many people! I tried 
> 3
> passes, 2 of which were on SO-50, and we didn't make a single contact, but
> we still had a ton of fun trying.
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 3:59 PM, <davekn4ok at aol.com> wrote:
>> We had a Blast also during FD!  I was one of the ops from our club 
>> station
>> (K4BFT Big Fat Turkey) and worked many of you.  I think AO-51 sounded 
>> more
>> like ch 19! LOL LOL
>> Dave, kn4ok

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