[amsat-bb] Finally my first HO-68 contacts

Patrick Farcon pfarcon at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 25 19:39:13 PDT 2010

I had to share for the excitement was wonderful. I am usually unable to work
many satellite passes of any kind during the week but by chance on the train
ride home from work I noticed an 81 degree pass of HO-68 at its peak
elevation this evening. I had tried before to make contacts on this
satellite unsuccessfully and so far I have only tried FM. But with this pass
so close to overhead I looked up what mode HO-68 would be in and in fact it
was to be in FM mode at that time. So for the first time I decided to try a
pass of a satellite at night and was overwhelmed to hear such clear signals.
Receiving others was easier than getting the proper az/el combinations for
uplink. Listening to my downlink helped immensely. I was absolutely floored
that my first contact on HO-68 was YV1RDX from Venezuella. About 20 mins
later and a few confirmed contacts I was so thrilled to have finally done it
that I rushed to download the recording before the batteries that were low
could possibly run out. I have only been working the satellites since about
April or so and especially since antenna restrictions limit my activities. I
am so hooked on this facet of the hobby and I can¹t believe it took about 17
years to get started! It really doesn¹t in fact take much...just two HT, an
Arrow II antenna, a compass, a watch, and a digital recorder. Thanks to all
that I made contact with and hope to see you all on the satellites soon!


Pat N2VYT FN20un

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