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> The FT-817 appears to be a popular
> rig among satellite users of the fm
> birds.  As they a all mode rigs I wonder how well they
> would work for a
> linear  transponder set up? Rigs for that use are a
> little hard to come by.
> I am hoping to move in that direction some time. However it
> kind of needs to
> be portable as I am surrounded by trees at  my house.


I set up my FT-817 for working the HO-68 linear transponder a while ago and made some contacts last week.  I had some problems in hearing responses to my calls, so I corrected the settings for some of the memories.

Right now, the frequency increment of 500 Hz provides reasonable coverage for the downlink.  I switch between the memories and the VFO during a pass, using the latter to check the satellite's location by tuning in the beacon.

I'll try again when the satellite's in SSB mode and see what happens.


Bernhard VA6BMJ @ DO33FL

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