[amsat-bb] Lithium polymer batteries

whiteld@usa.net whiteld at usa.net
Thu Jun 24 07:01:47 PDT 2010

Following up on the Lithium polymer battery mention I Googled them and was
disturbed to find:

-high fire risk. One seller offers flame retardant bags to put the cells in
while charging them... for $25

-(as warned) high prices especially considering the more-unique balanced
charger / discharger devices at ~$100 and up being required in addition to the
cells themselves

-a hazardous materials uplift for FedEx shipment ranging from $25-$45
depending on destination, on top of normal shipping rates

All of that tells me they're "not ready for prime time" though the current
capacity vs weight looks very promising.

I will wait and watch, hoping the technology matures into something safer and
less costly as time goes on. Likely it will, particularly the cheaper part,
though it appears some safety issues have to be addressed meaningfully.

Thanks for the mention. It is interesting. 


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