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I use 2  FT817s for portable ops, and have been disappointed in the battery 
 performance.  Last year, I bought replacement batteries from Batteries  
America, the FNB-72xe, rated at 9.6v. at 2000mAh.  There's no noticable  
difference between these new batteries and the originals.

The batteries  charge to just over 11.0 volts, but quickly drop through 10 
volts, as  indicated by the voltage reading that appears when the rigs are 
turned  on.  Maybe this is just normal behavior for a 9.6 v. battery.  Is  
this what you would expect?  Has anyone found a battery with a higher  voltage 
rating and/or one that will maintain a higher voltage for an  appreciable 
period--and fits into the 817?  Every bit of power  helps!

Many tnx and 73,
Tony, N2UN
LM  183

Hi Tony.
Not sure about fitting in the FT817....But there are a lot of people over  
here participating in "summits on the air" driving / walking /  climbing to 
the top of a peak and making some QSOs. The FT817 is very  popular and they 
all seem to be using 3 series Lithium polymer cells.
According to the hype, the lithium polymers weigh nothing hold nearly  
infinate charge and finally discharge within a few seconds of the natural  
lifespan of the operators radio.
Whatever the reality, they may be worth investigating.
David  G0MRF  

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