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Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 18 06:26:42 PDT 2010

Ditto on Larry's comments. Coming off my KH6 Dxpedition in March/April, I can concur there are not enough users on the current linear satellites. Out of the 50 passes that I worked, mostly on SSB. I only made 50 contacts!  On about 3/4 of the passes, I had the satellite all to myself!  This included FO29, VO52, AO7 and HO68!   

One day, I had one pass that was deep into CONUS on HO68. I had previously announced my intent on the AMSAT BB to be on the pass. During the entire pass over CONUS I did not work one single station. I eventually heard one of the KH6 stations on Oahu pop-up to say hi as he felt bad that I could not work a single station during the entire pass. Go figure!

The same happened on several passes over Japan. I was asked to make an effort to work JA's as KH6 is difficult and rare for them. Again I announced the passes I would be on. I tried eight different passes often calling and calling. I eventually made contact with two stations one stormy evening. I was later told the passes I was on were usually at 4PM in the afternoon when most stations are at work.

Let's use the resources we have. We have four great LEO's: FO29, VO52 and HO68; and AO7 when she behaves.  Let's get more activity going on these satellites. I know there are many operators with single SSB Multimode rigs. Half duplex does work with SatPC, see my DXpedition article on the Caymans last year. I have already had several email on how to do this from interested operators. We should encourage newer operators to take the plunge even with just one radio, with some assistance from the AMSAT community to get it right. Let's get on the air!

My 2 cents.

73, Adrian AA5UK

From: Larry Gerhardstein <W7IN at montana.com>
To: amsat-bb at amsat.org
Sent: Thu, June 17, 2010 8:58:04 PM
Subject: [amsat-bb]  My $0.02 worth

I don't feel a bit sorry for those who gripe on this BB about there not being enough HEO birds, too many FM birds (operators), not enough linear transponders, or the like.  Yesterday, I encountered a nice FO-29 pass with maxEL about 60 degrees here at my QTH.  I heard no one, yet I could hear my CW/SSB downlink signal from the bird loud and clear.  For awhile the footprint covered the entire 48 state region.  I thus called CQ for nearly 15 minutes, but no one (that's zero, na-da) came back to my calls.

Then later there was a good VO-52 pass and I did manage to work N6PAA, very good clear SSB signals both ways.  But during the 10-15 minutes of that pass, I heard no one else in a QSO or calling CQ etc.

I think before we start making complaints about the current state of affairs, we seriously consider making use of those resources we do have at present.  And then make a financial donation to the various AMSAT's and teams working to make future birds possible.  We all want another HEO with lots of modes/bands, but complaining will not make one magically appear.

73, Larry W7IN, DN27, Plains Montana.

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