[amsat-bb] My $0.02 worth

Larry Gerhardstein W7IN at montana.com
Thu Jun 17 18:58:04 PDT 2010

I don't feel a bit sorry for those who gripe on this BB about there not 
being enough HEO birds, too many FM birds (operators), not enough linear 
transponders, or the like.  Yesterday, I encountered a nice FO-29 pass 
with maxEL about 60 degrees here at my QTH.  I heard no one, yet I could 
hear my CW/SSB downlink signal from the bird loud and clear.  For awhile 
the footprint covered the entire 48 state region.  I thus called CQ for 
nearly 15 minutes, but no one (that's zero, na-da) came back to my calls.

Then later there was a good VO-52 pass and I did manage to work N6PAA, 
very good clear SSB signals both ways.  But during the 10-15 minutes of 
that pass, I heard no one else in a QSO or calling CQ etc.

I think before we start making complaints about the current state of 
affairs, we seriously consider making use of those resources we do have 
at present.  And then make a financial donation to the various AMSAT's 
and teams working to make future birds possible.  We all want another 
HEO with lots of modes/bands, but complaining will not make one 
magically appear.

73, Larry W7IN, DN27, Plains Montana.

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