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Tue Jun 15 01:07:08 PDT 2010

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> Antenna arrived today.  Shipping was $9.30 so total of $24.29.  All 
> white plastic encapsulated: 4.5x4.5x1.0 inch and has four mounting 
> holes on the flange.  I will mount it on a 1/8-inch thick aluminum 
> plate attached to my satellite elevation crossboom using 
> U-bolts.  Very nice looking workmanship.  8 dBi gain translates 
> loosely to 6 dBd ( about the free-space gain of a 3-element yagi.
> 73, Ed - KL7UW

Hi Ed, KL7UM

What antenna model you purchased ? And for what use ? 

The HG2414P is a linearly polarized patch.

The HG2409PC is a circular polarized patch (LH or RH available).


73" de 

i8CVS Domenico

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