[amsat-bb] AO-7 Mode Switch

John Papay john at papays.com
Thu Jun 10 04:50:54 PDT 2010

AO-7 has normally switched modes every other day
except during periods of eclipse when it stays in
Mode B.  On June 8th, it was in Mode A as predicted,
however, when it was supposed to switch to Mode B
between 0200 and 0500 on June 9th, the AO-7 log reported
that it was heard in Mode B at 0407z by SP9TTX and then
was reported off on the next pass at 0600z.  When it came
back on at 0800z, it was in Mode A rather than Mode B.
Then it switched back to Mode B on the 10th at the normal
time.  In other words, it has skipped a day in the switching

I didn't see any eclipse event and even if there was, the
satellite would normally come back in Mode B rather than Mode
A.  Is there an explanation?

John K8YSE

John Papay
john at papays.com

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