[amsat-bb] Re: Digital Modes on the satellites during Field Day?

Adrian Engele aa5uk at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 8 16:21:32 PDT 2010

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your note. I guess I should clarify my earlier question.

Please see #1 in the AMSAT FD rules:

1.  Analog Transponders
ARRL rules apply,  except:
- Each phone, CW, and digital segment ON EACH SATELLITE 
TRANSPONDER is considered to be a separate  band.
- CW anddigital (RTTY,  PSK-31, etc.) contacts count THREE points each.
This is what I was specifically trying to address not PBBS or APRS exchanges via Digital transponders.

73, Adrian AA5UK

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In past years, the satellite digital modes for Field Day were limited to two types of contacts:

1.  PBBS contacts with GO-32:  3 points for uploading a message to ALL describing your Field Day setup, and 3 points for each message to ALL that you download.  GO-32 may or may not be operational.  (AO-51 is capable of
PBBS mode, but will be operating in FM voice for Field Day.)

2.  APRS unproto 3-way exchange via NO-44 (semi-operational), ISS, and maybe HO-68.

Detailed description of the digital mode rules can be found here:


73, Steve N9IP
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> I saw in the AMSAT Filed Day rules we get extra points for working digital
> modes like PSK31, RTTY, etc.
> Is anybody planning to work any of these modes during this year's FD?  Has
> there been any activity in the past?
> Just curious to see if it would be worth the effort to give it a try,
> especially in a demo situation.
> I will be operating the satellite station for the K9MOT Motorola Amateur
> Radio Club again this year. We will be a 2A Battery (QRP 5 Watts)
> operation.
> Hope to work you in a few weeks.
> 73, Adrian AA5UK

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