[amsat-bb] Re: Falcon 9 video - moving early?

Daniel Schultz n8fgv at usa.net
Mon Jun 7 19:39:10 PDT 2010

And I heard in a presentation at the Cape some years ago that "We are so sure
the solid rockets will ignite that we send the command to blow the hold down
bolts before we send the solid rocket ignition command". Also I heard from
somebody that the fractured hold down bolts are presented to the shuttle crew
members as souvenirs after they return to Earth.

Dan Schultz N8FGV

>A few years ago at the Amsat Colloquium University of Surrey we were
>to have astronaut Ron Parise (SK) as a guest speaker. He explained the
>suquence for the shuttle in a very entertaining way, as best I remember it
>like this

>As the engines?come up to thrust the explosive bolts fire and away she goes.
>one of the pyrotchnics?fails its no problem the bolt? just gets ripped out
>the concrete

>73 John G7HIA

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