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> Hi Greg,
> These panels are patch style antennas and as such you will not be able to
place one behind the other to obtain circular polarization.  Placing one
next to the other will at best produce an elliptically polarized pattern,
and you should use a 50 ohm splitter to keep your impedance 50 ohms.  The
shape of the patch and position of the feed point is typically how you
obtain circular polarization with a patch antenna.
> Or, you can obtain RHCP with the same or more gain and less trouble by
making a Helix.  A sheet of aluminum, #8 copper wire and and a piece of PVC
of the right diameter is all you need.
> http://brneurosci.org/helix-antenna.html
> Or, you can try just a single panel and see how it performs for a while.
> Good luck!
> 73, John W9EN
> DM13le

Hi John, W9EN

I would like to know if  these panels are patch style antennas linearly or
circularly polarized.


73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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