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Gary "Joe" Mayfield gary_mayfield at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 5 20:57:32 PDT 2010

Pete & Bruce,

   Good to know about the LINEAR birds.  The rules are still different,
AMSAT will allow one V/U and one V/S contact on AO-51.  The ARRL will only
allow one contact on AO-51.

Joe kk0sd

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That should make it much easier for everyone as you don't have to do one log
and then strip out the unwanted calls for the other. Thanks Pete. I am glad
that the two minds (ARRL and AMSAT) have become one. 


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I was in contact with the ARRL, after I read 7.3.7. and in the
Field Day Rules.  I mentioned to the League that I would like them to point
out where in those rules it would prohibit scoring the same call on multiple
Linear Satellites.  They listened to my point's and agreed that even though
the rules refer to satellite contacts as a separate "band" there is nothing
in those rules that prohibit the aforementioned scoring.   In conclusion
Field Day and the AMSAT scoring are now in agreement, have fun.

73's Pete

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