[amsat-bb] mmsstv usb ptt under wine

Phil phillor at telstra.com
Fri Jun 4 21:53:21 PDT 2010

Thank you for reading this.

Not long ago I remember reading, on this list, about someone running 
mmsstv under wine. I've had receive only capability for sometime but after 
recently receiving good sstv from Seeds my interest in transmitting sstv has 
been reawakened.

I have the extfsk dll installed in the same directory as mmsstv and its 
dialogue box opens to show that the ptt is on during transmit, however, the 
transmitter is not keyed. The port option in mmsstv is set to extfsk.

The extfsk dialogue box has a status indicator the reads "Status:NG". This 
possibly means "no good". The status reads the same under Windows, so 
the problem may not be specific to Linux and wine.

By the way, the rts line does key the transmitter while using native linux 


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