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> Since my previously reported issues of intermittent Elevation control of
> my g-5500 where it would work and stop based on heat of the day it has
> now stopped completely and will no longer raise at all.
> Can someone point me down the correct paths to start testing where my
> problems are and if I need to send the controller or actual EL rotor into
> Yaesu for repair?
> Is there a good trouble shooting document somewhere?
> Mike
> Kb8zgl

Hi Mike,KB8ZGL

First of all reverse the elevation wires E4-E5-E6 with the azimuth wires
A4-A5-A6 on the rear of control box.

If the Elevation motor is OK then pushing down switches Left and Righ
the Elevation motor should run Up and Down and if not it means that
the Elevation rotor is damaged somewhere or the command cable is

One possible cause is the starting capacitor C35 100 uF 60 volt AC into
the elevation rotator that is probably dry or open circuit or probably the
limit switches SW8 or SW9 are defective.

In any case reversing the wires as above if the control box is OK then
pushing the elevation buttoms UP and DOWN the azimuth rotator must
run Left and Right.

In a separate message I have sent to you the schematic diagram for the
G-5500 rotator.

73" de

i8CVS Domenico

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