[amsat-bb] Doppler Discussion

Clint Bradford clintbrad4d at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 1 09:49:35 PDT 2010

>> ... Doppler always will have a more pronounced effect (in relative terms, of course, based on the frequencies being used) on the higher of the two ...

Here's the actual equation for determining Doppler shift ...


Your generalization is correct. On a 45 degree pass of a sat that's in a circular orbit at 497 miles up, approximate Doppler shifts calculate to ...

At 15m, +/- 477 Hz
At 10m, +/- 659 Hz
At 2m, +/- 3.27 kHz
At 70cm, +/- 9.76 kHz
At 23cm, +/- 28.5 kHz
at 13cm, +/- 53.8 kHz

Clint, K6LCS

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