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Tue Jun 1 00:57:48 PDT 2010


A good compromise, and I certainly understand the desire to remain in the
loop.  It allows the other operator to take advantage of greater automation
or not, as suits them.


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> Alan, I have no doubt that you're right about the necessity for Doppler
> control above Mode B satellites. Having always preferred the KISS approach
> whenever possible, I suppose that's why I haven't been able to get myself
> very excited for L- and S-band opportunities. I definitely enjoy the
> benefits of computer control for Doppler. I just don't much care for
> no choice in using it (or not) to effectively work a satellite.
> 73 to all,
> Tim - N3TL

Actually, I've been running 2.4 ghz manually since AO-40, and really haven't
had that much trouble.  Just keep spinning the dial.  Also, having an older
rig (736r), I don't bother with computer control when on the linear birds.
I do relax under full computer control for FM up through L-band, but there's
still something satisfying about manual tuning.

Greg  KO6TH


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